Devil's Blade is a webcomic in progress.
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 Staff Searching

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PostSubject: Staff Searching   Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:00 pm

I won’t lie. I’ve done this many times and have asked for help with this. But it usually left me in charge of the whole operation. And that was how it failed, because I was left in charge. I can’t fully run the organization and do artwork at the same time. Which is why I think the plan will work great this time around because Heackal will be in charge. He’ll be taking a big chunk of load off my shoulders and aiding in any way possible. He’s going to be the writer, while I’ll be doing artwork.

We are currently setting up our site to where the comic will be hosted. We will not begin production of the art until we get all of the written things down and packed.

What we are looking for:
2 Character Designer s
Web designer
A second artist.

I will be doing artwork as well for this project, but a second artist will be very good since I’m also working and have other things to tend to. This project is strictly for fun, but if any profit is made from this it will be distributed evenly with each participant. We’d also like for anyone taking part in this to be 17 plus years of age.

I can’t give out the story idea here. But it is set in Medieval Fantasy.

If interested please give us a little sample be it note or replying here to this thread. As it's titled is the official title of our Web Comic. Devil's Blade.
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Searching   Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:43 pm

Hello, my name's Vanessa, and I saw your post searching for artists on I'm interested in applying for the position of a Character Desginer. I am 18 years old, as I've read you're looking for someone who's 17+ in age, and I host my artwork on my DeviantArt account.
Here I'll post the most recent as well as my favorite images that I've made. Note, I haven't posted many pieces in a good while since the past month was extremely busy in the midst of hosting a guest from Texas as well as moving houses. There is more artwork in the works, however, and once we've got internet hooked up I will do my best to post new images to show you my very current abilities.
Here are links to my deviantart gallery if you'd like to have a look:
w ww. supershmuck.deviantart. com

I believe that the picture"Trying Not to be Jealous" in my gallery is one of my best images, so if you could have a look at that one especially, you'd be able to see the current extent of my artwork.
Well I'd like to thank you now for having a look at my application, and I'd appreciate if you could get back to me on an answer soon. Please contact my email if you've a responce for me.

You can contact me at,
chubaty@hotmail. com

Thank you very much.

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Staff Searching
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