Devil's Blade is a webcomic in progress.
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 Pllotline of Devi'ls Blade

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PostSubject: Pllotline of Devi'ls Blade   Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:22 am

Ten years ago strong and brave mercenaries banded together to fight off a evil emperor that began plaguing the lands of the nearby people. Two brave brothers lead this group of mercenaries, Veldrick and Dragon Kill. Along with the young students they’d been training to become warriors like themselves. Their mission was strictly for the people, so they could have better and easier lives. With determination and sacrifices of those dear, the mercenaries were able to defeat the emperor. Leaving behind the son of the emperor, since their only target was the emperor himself. After the defeat, everyone became grand and happy. But bellowing deep inside the young son of the emperor was anger and the wanting of revenge. The young son of the emperor grew older with his anger, came strength. Taking over right where his father left off.

The mission was set and sent out to the mercenaries once more, but they were far too old to attempt to take on such a mission once more. Instead, they sent their student’s, whom like the emperor had gained strength and drive under the training of their mentors.

Veldrick sent his two students siblings Leo and Lexi to help accomplish the mission as he did. Losing contact with his brother Dragon Kill he figured no assistance would come to his students. It was a surprise when a young man named Drachen appeared claiming to be the apprentice of Dragon kill. Without the motivation to trust this man, Leo wanted to wait for the others. But word came that the other students of the previous mercenaries, along with some of the original mercenaries had met their death to the hands of the emperor.

Now Leo, Lexi, and Drachen must work aside their differences and find volunteers to aid them on this mission. And most importantly kill the emperor. Never knowing when one move could be a wrong one.
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Pllotline of Devi'ls Blade
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